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we partners with DfG East Africa to provide affordable and accessible low cost menstrual hygiene management care products, information and services, WomenChoice Industries is a tanzania based DfG representatives


Small Industries Development Organizations: WomenChoice Industries partners with Small Industries Development Organization in Tanzania, SIDO provided initial production equipment, tools and materials in the production of Reusable sanitary Towels . they also mentored the team and over saw the growth curve for the enterprises

Grey matters Capital USA

Grey matters Capital USA,:- provides Capital investment financing to WomenChoice Industries in the financial year 2020/2021

The World Bank Group

The World Bank Group, provides concerted technical support, providing access to investors and investment financing to Womenchoice Industries. The World Banks Groups and its partners The UNDP, The UN Women, The International Finance Cooperation IFC , the Wharton schools have been major partners for women choice

JustPeoples of Newzealand

JustPeoples of Newzealand ,provide micro grants financing to Womenchoice Industries to scale up and its production and distributions on menstrual care products.

The Pollination fund

The Pollination fund: Providing Micro start up grants to Womenchoice Industries, Pollination funds has been supporting WomenChoice Industries from 2017. With small micro grants to scale up the production and distribution of the reusable sanitary Towels

The Rock Flower Inc

The Rock Flower Inc. Of USA, provide start up financing to Womenchoice Industries, scaling up production and empowering the local vendors, sales agents and volunteers on the Models distribution small scale business, financial ,book and record keeping management


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