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WomenChoice Industries  is  a  social enterprises that manufactures  and distributes  low cost, affordable menstrual  hygiene  management care  production, established  under the   Partnership  Business  name registration Act 2013 of the United Republic Of Tanzania   as of  January 2015  and finally registered   as of  12th April 2018.

Womenchoice  day  to day  operation is   managed by   its Co- Founder & Chief  Executive Officer,  who  is   responsible  to the   Boards  of Directors  and advisory Board,  which is  a Planning,  Budgeting , Policy Executive  Organ. Womenchoice  industries   other line  products  includes The  Reusable  post partum  maternity  pads, Breast Pads, Reusable Tampons, Vomits  kits,  child and  adult  diapers.

The  Industries   empowers  capacity  of  young  women  and girls   from low  resources settings  on the Menstrual  Hygiene  management  reusable sanitary towels   models   distribution small scale business, financial  and book  keeping management   skills  and employing hem  as vendors, sales  agent  and volunteers.


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