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WomenChoice Industries day to  day operation  is  managed  by the Chief Executive  Officer   who is also the Co- Founder & CEO, supported  by the program secretariate, The  CEO  is  answerable  to the Advisory  and   management Boards, a  and advisory , policy, Planning, Budgeting  and  organs  of the  enterprises .

Ms. Lucy Odiwa
Ms. Lucy OdiwaCo-Founder & CEO

Ms. Lucy  Odiwa, is a Health  services  Specialist,  a co- founder  & CEO of WomenChoice Industries. She  is an international sexual reproductive Health activists, Human rights and menstrual  hygiene   management   advocate  with over  10+ years’ experience  in health sectors  services. She has also worked   with various   health sectors in Tanzania before  venturing into the enterprise. She  brings   a huge experience  in community services.

Mr. George  Abiero
Mr. George AbieroCo- Founder & Partner

Mr. George  Abiero  is   a development   practitioner ,  Co- founder  and Partner, Planning  & human Resource  Director of  WomenChoice  Industries. Before venturing  into WomenChoice Industries, he   worked  in various  Civil Society Organizations  in Tanzania as  a planning  Executive. He boast of   over 15+ years experience  in development  works, planning,  designing   projects and programs, monitoring  & evaluation   as well  as reporting. He brings into the enterprise a vast experience working  directly  with the community


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